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Algae Repellent Agent
Algae Repellent Agent
Algae Repellent Agent
Algae Repellent Agent
Algae Repellent Agent

Algae Repellent Agent

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Effectively reduce algae and keep fish safe!

Say goodbye to cloudy and green water with a little help from Algae Repellent Agent! Get rid of persistent algae on the surface and inside the water!
Significantly change not only the look but also the quality of the water! Release the water from germs and parasites that make the water unclean! Also, prevent the future appearance of algae with one simple addition!

Never again experience annoying green algae on the surface and keep the water crystal clean! Algae can be harmful to the fish but be assured their eco-system stays healthy! Effortlessly make the muddy green water into a clear one! 
Completely safe for the environment and the fish, the powder is convenient to use in any kind of water and tank!! Thanks to the long-lasting effect, the water will stay clean for a long time! 

Don’t let the algae ruin your fishpond! Get yours today!

Improves water quality: Effortlessly maintain any type of the pond or aquarium clean with the Algae Repellent Agent! Reduce annoying algae and keep the good bacteria in the water!
Prevents algae: Reduce all kinds of unwanted algae that can be harmful to the fish! Also, the powder kills unwanted organisms as well as digest leaves and grass!
Safe & convenient: Thanks to the non-toxic ingredients, the powder is completely safe for the fish and it will improve their eco-system!
Easy to apply: Just pour some powder and let the purifier do its job! There is no need to manually remove algae!

Weight: 50g
Package includes: 1 x Algae Repellent Powder, 1 x Spoon