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Fishing Knot Tying Tool
Fishing Knot Tying Tool
Fishing Knot Tying Tool

Fishing Knot Tying Tool

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No More Struggling While Tying Fishing Knots!

The Fishing Knot Tying Tool takes the finger-pricking out of fishing! The barbs of the fishing hook are protected in the case, while a spinning ring on your finger makes twisting the line a breeze!
Fishing Knot Tying Tool is suitable for standard 4/0 hooks, 3/0 c circle hooks, and ANY SIZE down to the smallest hook selected. It works with flies, swivels, and snap-on & speed clips for lure fishing. It's great for tying line to line and line to leader - you can even tie a Bimini Twist! When you’ve finished fishing for the day, you can put the hook back into the Fishing Knot Tying Tool. From there it snaps onto the runner of the rod and is ready to store in the car, so you won’t prick your upholstery, children, animals, or whatever else you take fishing with you.

  • Great for freshwater, open water & ice fishing.
  • So easy and safe - even children can tie their own lines now!
  • Safely hold hooks & swivels while quickly tying the fishing line
  • Helps tie swivels, jig heads and speed clips for attaching lures or other rigs including a small variety of flies
  • Fits hooks sized from a Standard 10/0 hook down to 1/0.
  • Includes a TWIST top bottle opener and makes a great key ring
  • Includes line cutter for up to 150lb mono & braided lines
  • Hook cover included - eliminates pet, passenger and upholstery damage while in transit
  • Great for people with arthritis, cold weather conditions, and numb fingers
  • Choice of 4 awesome colors

  • Material: ABS plastic, Metal
  • Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
  • 1 x Fishing Knot Tying Tool